Bylaws, Ordinances, Permits


The bylaws of Ardentown define the basic structure for administering the business of the Village. They describe the authority and structure of town meetings, the roles of each officer and committee, and more.

Ardentown Village Bylaws (revised November 2020)


Ardentown has a small number of ordinances to address parking, dog control, and the sale of alcohol in the community.

1968 Transfer Of Local Services

Ardentown Ordinances

Fireworks Ordinance

Permissions & Permits

As stipulated in each land lease, permission from the Ardentown Trustees is necessary to remove a tree from an Ardentown leasehold. 

Permission from the Trustees is also necessary to use the greens for events or other similar activities. Contact Trustee Lisa Wilson Riblett to request permission for tree removal or use of the greens for an event.

Building permits, such as for demolition, construction, renovation, etc. are obtained through the New Castle County Department of Land Use. The County may, at its discretion, request Trustee approval of plans before issuing a permit.