The Ardentown officers include the Chairperson, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.

Chairperson: Alison Wakelin

The Chairperson of Ardentown leads the community’s four town meetings each year, oversees the activities of each of the committees, and serves as the town government’s chief liaison with the Ardentown trustees as well as local, state, and federal government agencies. The chairperson serves a two-year term and may serve a maximum of four years. Alison Wakelin’s first term expires November, 2020.


Peter Slattery

The Treasurer of Ardentown works with the Budget Committee to prepare the community’s annual budget and provides reports to the town regarding village income and expenses at each of the town meetings. The Treasurer also manages the community’s financial accounts, and coordinates with the Audit committee for the annual audit of the accounts. The treasurer serves a two-year term. The office is not term-limited. Peter Slattery’s current term expires November, 2023.



Secretary: Melissa Parsonson,

The Secretary of Ardentown records the minutes of the four town meetings per year, prepares the agenda for each meeting, and prepares and distributes the meeting minutes to Ardentown leaseholders and residents. The secretary also maintains the list of leaseholders and residents. The secretary serves a two-year term. The office is not term-limited. Melissa Parsonson’s current term expires November, 2022.