Information for Residents (FAQ)

This page includes answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ardentown, and links to additional information for Ardentown residents and visitors.

A (very short) History

Ardentown was founded in 1922, the second of the three Arden villages and, like Arden and Ardencroft, its founding is based on the Single-Tax theory of social reformer Henry George.

The lands in each village are held in trust, and in Ardentown the trust is managed by three elected trustees. Ardentown’s trustees are charged with overseeing the common land, leasing designated lots for which they collect a yearly fee called Land Rent, and paying New Castle County school and property taxes.

See the History page for more detail about the origins and continuing story of Ardentown.

Town Meetings

Ardentown’s business is handled by a town meeting system of government, comprising officers and committee members. The town holds meetings four times per year, typically at 7:30 p.m. on the second Monday of February, May, September, and November in the Candlelight Theatre. Check the home page for the date, time, and location of the next town meeting.

Town meetings are open to the public.

All current residents of Ardentown who are 18 or older and have lived in the community at least 30 days prior to the meeting are eligible to vote at town meetings. We encourage you to attend meetings, and to serve on committees.

Meeting notices are distributed by mail approximately one week prior to each meeting, and agendas and minutes are made available on this website.

Trash Collection & Recycling

Waste Management, Inc. provides trash and recyclables collection for the Ardens, including Ardentown. Collection details are provided in this PDF, including what is collected and when.


If you need a receptacle or have problems with pickup, contact Waste Management directly by calling 800-345-7932, and tell them you are calling about service to the “Village of Ardentown.” If you say simply “Ardentown,” they won’t be able to find the account. (The account names for the other villages are “Village of Arden” and “Village of Ardencroft.”)

Please be aware that if you request a new garbage or recycle can, it will be delivered to Joan Fitzgerald on Loreley Lane.  Please contact Joan to let her know you have ordered a can so she can notify you when it arrives. Joan Fitzgerald is listed in the ACRA Phone Directory.

If you have a recurring problem with Waste Management, contact Trustee Harry Themal.


In Ardentown, we love our trees. Land leases stipulate that trees may not be cut down or removed without written permission from the Trustees. Please contact Trustee Lisa Wilson Riblett to request tree removal permission. Also, please keep your trees healthy by cutting ivy, grape vine, or other invasive vines at the base.

New Resident Welcome Packet

If you have recently moved to Ardentown, welcome! Please be sure to contact a member of the Registration committee to receive your Welcome packet, which includes helpful information about the community.

Parking & Roads

As noted in the town ordinances, parking is not permitted on the roads or greens of Ardentown. Parked vehicles must not block traffic, hinder snow removal, or damage the greens. Every leaseholder in Ardentown must provide parking space on the leasehold to accommodate every vehicle regularly using the leasehold. See the town ordinances for details.

The speed limit on all roads in Ardentown is 20 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.

For questions regarding snow and/or ice removal in Ardentown, please contact Public Works and Safety committee member Paul Romagano.

Memorial Garden

The Ardentown Memorial Garden at Harvey Road and Swiss Lane was established in 1990. Burial is available to anyone who has been a resident of Ardentown for at least five years. Because of its limited size, the Memorial Garden is for the interment of ashes only.

There is no fee for the burial site; however, donations are needed for the upkeep, improvement and beautification of the Garden. Donations from family and friends are expected at the time of interment and an annual gift is requested thereafter. Donations are tax deductible.

Contact a member of the Memorial Garden committee for additional details.


A network of footpaths runs throughout the Ardens, including Ardentown, between leaseholds, through the Glen and woodlands, and the Sunnyside Tract. Please do not use vehicles of any kind on the paths, including bicycles. If your leasehold borders a path, please keep the path clear and easily walkable (grass cut, limbs trimmed, debris removed, etc.). Nothing from your leasehold may obstruct the pathways. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the incorporated Village of Ardentown to maintain paths.

Ardentown recently undertook a project with the Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO) to plan for the preservation of paths in the Village. Details of the plan are available on WILMAPCO’s website.

The Arden Page

The Arden Page is a monthly publication delivered free to all residents of Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft. The Page includes news, notices, classifieds, and other items of interest to residents. Donations to help defray publication costs are gratefully accepted.

Arden Community Recreation Association (ACRA)

ACRA is a volunteer group comprising members from Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft. ACRA runs a 5-week summer program for children of the three Ardens, and also plans and hosts community activities year-round. ACRA is funded entirely by donations solicited during an annual fund drive each May.

Every two years, ACRA publishes a listing of residents in Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft. These directories are free of charge and only available to residents. The directory accepts advertising, but is otherwise not for commercial use.

The Arden Club, Gild Hall, Library, and Swim Club

The volunteer-run Arden Club operates and maintains the Gild Hall in Arden, for the benefit of the community and various Gilds. The hall serves as a venue for concerts as well as community events, and is available for rental.

The club also operates the public Arden Library and the Arden Swim Club.

Each September the club hosts the Arden Fair, on the Saturday before Labor Day. The Arden Fair has taken place each year since 1907.

The Arden Craft Shop Museum

The Arden Craft Shop Museum, located at the corner of Millers Road and Cherry Lane in Arden, is home to collections of art, craftwork, and artifacts of the three villages. Hours are Sunday, 1-3 p.m., and Wednesday, 7-9 p.m. For additional details, visit

The Buzz Ware Village Center (BWVC)

The Buzz Ware Village Center (The Buzz) is a hub of community activity for the three villages. Named for Hamilton “Buzz” Ware, a one-time trustee of both Arden and Ardentown and an active community member in all three villages, the Buzz is available for event rentals and is home to a monthly Coffee House, as well as art shows, concerts, and ACRA’s annual summer program for children of the Villages. To learn more, visit

County and State Government Representatives

Ardentown is within New Castle County District 8, represented by councilman John Cartier.

We are located within Representative District 2 and Senatorial District 5 of the Delaware General Assembly. Our representative is Bryon Short. Our senator is Catherine Cloutier.