A number of committees help to plan and manage the community’s affairs. Each of the Ardentown committees has a chairperson and from two to six additional members. The Coordinating Committee includes the town officers, trustees, and committee chairs.

The town elects committee members at the town meetings held four times each calendar year. Members of Ardentown committees are volunteers elected to terms of two or three years, and are not term-limited. If a committee member does not serve a full term for any reason, the town chairperson may appoint a replacement to fulfill the term.


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The Archives committee includes members from each of the Ardens (Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft). The Archives committee oversees the Craft Shop Museum and the archives of the three Ardens. Ardentown committee members are elected each February.

Archives committee members from Ardentown:

  • Hans Francke – Term ends February, 2019
  • June Kleban – Term ends February, 2019
  • Melissa Parsonson – Term ends February, 2020
The Audit committee audits all accounts of the community and the trustees for the fiscal year and reports its findings. Members are elected each May.

Audit committee members:

  • Steven Curley (chair) – Term ends May, 2020
  • Hans Francke – Term ends May, 2019
  • Andrew Hansen – Term ends May, 2020
The Budget committee prepares the annual budget for Ardentown, and submits the budget for approval at the February town meeting each year. Members are elected each September.

Budget committee members:

  • Steven Curley (chair) – Term ends September, 2020
  • Andrew Hansen – Term ends September, 2020
  • Renata Brito-Cherrin – Term ends September, 2019
  • Cindy Cohen – Term ends September, 2019
  • Hans Francke – Term ends September, 2019
  • Holly Custer (treasurer) – ex officio
The Community Planning committee is responsible for developing plans and strategies for the physical and cultural future of the community, and for advising the Town Meeting and Trustees on matters relating to the betterment of Ardentown. Members are elected each November.

Community Planning committee members:

  • Joan Phibbs – Term ends November, 2019
  • Janet Cosgrove – Term ends November, 2020
  • Holly Custer – Term ends November, 2019
  • Oliver Gutsche – Term ends November, 2019
The Memorial Garden committee oversees maintenance of the Ardentown Memorial Garden, sets policies for the garden, and assists families with information about the selection of burial sites. Members are elected each February.

Memorial Garden committee members:

  • Betty Ann Themal (chair) – Term ends February, 2020
  • Rusty Hoegger – Term ends February, 2020
  • Edmund Bischoff – Term ends February, 2019
  • Cheryl Regan – Term ends February, 2019
  • Shelly Robyn– Term ends February, 2019
The Playground committee is responsible for the general oversight of the village playground areas. This includes planning for and purchasing equipment, supervising installation, and arranging for safety inspections. Members are elected each May.

Playground Committee members:

  • Cortney Hayflinger (chair) – Term ends May, 2019
  • Sarah Benevento – Term ends May, 2019
  • Annie Gutsche – Term ends May, 2019
The Public Works & Safety committee is responsible for the maintenance of community infrastructure including roads, signage, and woodlands. (Harvey Road is an exception, as it is maintained by the State of Delaware.) Members are elected each May.

Public Works and Safety committee members:

  • Cheryl Regan (chair) – Term ends May, 2019
  • Christiana Dobrzynski – Term ends May, 2019
  • Cathleen Malone – Term ends May, 2019
  • Chris Monson – Term ends May, 2019
  • Annie Lutz – Term ends May, 2020
  • Paul Romagano – Term ends May, 2020
  • Elaine Schmerling – Term ends May, 2020
The Registration committee is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date list of village residents to determine who is qualified to vote, and for reporting residence changes to the secretary and the town meeting. The committee also delivers welcome packets to new residents and seeks to encourage attendance at town meetings and may plan social events.

Registration committee members:

  • Cindy Cohen (chair, appointed January 2019) – Term ends September, 2020
  • Betty Ann Themal – Term ends September, 2019
  • Maureen Gordon – Term ends September, 2020
  • Terri Hansen (village secretary) – ex officio
  • Joan Fitzgerald (trustee) – ex officio